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Kambala Buffalo Race

Kambala is an annual buffalo race which is a tradition in the Karnataka's Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts Farming community. This Area is Called Tulunadu
Karnataka India which is termed under single region known as Tulu Nadu. The Kambala season generally starts in November and lasts till March. Of late, Kambala Samithis are formed to arranged Kambala in a systematice way and 18 kambalas are being held under the banner of Kambala Samithi (Kambala Association). Currently, more than 45 races are held annually in Coastal Karnataka, including smaller remote villages like Vandaru, Gulvadi etc.
This Annual event starts in November and lasts till March every year. This age-old Festival is organized on a large scale and a huge crowd gathers to participate in the celebrations
A Pair of buffaloes are Tied to the plough and one person anchors it, beating the buffaloes with a stick to run faster. There are two parallel muddy tracks, on which two competing pairs of buffaloes run. Fastest team wins.
The Festival Begins with an inaugural Ceremony and a parade of the participating farmers along with their prized buffaloes. The racing tracks are normally about 120 to 160 Metres in length and 8 to 12 metres in width. Tracks are ploughed into a muddy field that is made slushy with water. Buffalo race will continue overnight also at different levels and a grand finale will be held to determine the winner of the Kambala of Particular Area.


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