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Madia Gond

Madia Gonds or Madia or Maria are one of the endogamous Gond tribes living in Chandrapur District and Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra State, and Bastar division of Chhattisgad State India. They have been granted the status of a Primitive tribal group by the Government of India under its affirmative action or reservation programme. The Madia Gonds are strongly affected by Naxal activities. The Madia Gond use the self designation Madia, and call the area where they live Madia Desh.
They Speak the Madia dialect of Gondi.The Shifting Agriculture of madia is Known As Jhoom. A study mentions living Megalithic practices amongst the Madia Gonds. One of the findings of The Bench Mark Survey done in 1997–1998 : 91.08 % of Madia Gond Families lived Below Poverty Line.
Madias today are doctors, teachers, government employees and Naxalites. Performance of school going Madia children is on par with other children of Maharashtra state, a Madia girl student has figured in the merit list of Candidates at the state level. The following are the descriptions of the Madia Gond as recorded by the British Rulers in the District Gazettes, which has been carried in the Gazettes of independent India.

The Youth Dormitory system or Ghotul is deeply Rooted in Madia Gond culture. Traditionally the Madia have a Ghotul in every village where unmarried boys and girls assemble in the evening and play, mix, dance and sing till late night but return to their houses for sleeping, which marks the difference between Bastar Ghotuls and the Ghotuls of Madia Gonds. There is a Taboo against married women entering A Ghotul


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