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What Is Triple Talaq

Triple Talaq, Also Known as Talaq-e-Biddat, Instant Divorce
The Second one is Khula. This is a Divorce which is at the ‘Request’ of the Wife. In this Case the Woman Has to make an offer of divorce to the man. The man must accept the offer with consideration, which often means the woman, has to give back the Meher Taken During Marriage. After These two steps, a Khula is granted.
Muslim Man to legally Divorce his wife by Uttering Talaq (Arab word for divorce) thrice. It also permitted the Muslim community to initiate a divorce through various means such as verbal, written or even Electronic Form.
Islamic law recognises two kinds of talaq namely talaq al sunna which works as per the dictates of Prophet Mohammad and Talaq-ul bidat which is an innovation born out of the strict dictates of the prophet. Talaq ul bidat appeared in the second century when Omayyad rulers found laws proposed by the Prophet were too strict. Several Muslim majority nations have banned triple talaq.

Nikah is essentially a contract laid down in a ‘Nikahnama’ drawn between the husband and the wife. This contract can have conditions and has a compulsory ‘consideration’ (Meher) to be paid at the time of the marriage. This consideration is paid by the man to the wife, and can be at time waived off by the woman as per her own will. To examine question of triple talaq, one must understand that in Islam, everything is followed as per Sunnah (Deeds of the prophet). Hence, most Muslim women bodies opposing ‘triple talaq’ want the Muslim bodies to adopt ‘Talaq-e-Sunnah’ (Divorce as per the Prophet’s sayings and Quranic dictation) and discard ‘Talaq-e-Biddah’ (Divorce as per a later formed mode of divorce which propagates instant Divorce.


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