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Incomplete Sheds trying to get Complete

Aurangabad 10/19/2018
Thousands Of Sheds Near Cambridge School, Zhalta Phata Aurangabad Commonly Called As Chota Dharavi. The Slum Area Which Consist around 400 Families and Most of Them Are Jobless and They are Belongs to Different Castes and Religions. Earlier Some Of Them Used To Live Under The Flyovers Of The City. They Are Excepting Plots From The Government For Making Their Own Houses. In Current Situation they captured The Plots without Permission of Government and Made Sheds Which Is Totally Illegal but They Aren’t Ready to Leave That Place. According to Tejrao Sapkal the Local Citizen of That Area He Said “Shelter Is Basic Need for Everyone We Are Trying to Managed Our Food and Cloths but without Shelter Where We Can Survived for 2 Years I have been Living Here but Still We have to Walk 2 KM For Water, Women’s Bring This Water By Crossing Roads This Road Is One Of the Busy Road In The City and Women Safety Is also One Of The Factor, Government Should Thing About us and Brings Wa…

Bulk of Garbage in the Dividers

11/09/2018 Aurangabad
The City Which Is Famous for His History and Fastest Growing City in the World Know as Aurangabad, For Last 6 Months Garbage Issue Is also contributing For the Popularity of the City. Aurangabad Produce 430 Metric tons Of Garbage Daily Earlier Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Dumped the City Garbage in Naregaon Area but Now it Is Highly Populated Area and They Were not allowing the It. Because Garbage Pollution Was the Main Reason, They Were Suffering From Various Bacterial Diseases. Gastrointestinal, Stomach Pain, Vomiting & Diarrhea Etc. Now The Roads Divider’s Came in Light Basically Divider Divide the Road in Two Equal Parts but Citizens Are Throwing or Dumping Garbage on Divider Azad Chowk to Ram Mandir Road Divider Half Filled with Garbage and Dogs and Goat Finding Food in This Garbage and Unfortunately there Are Eating Something Which Is Harmful For Their Body. Mr. G.L Deshmukh Veterinary Doctor Said ‘ Garbage Pollution Is Harmful For Human Being as Well a…

Golden Jubilee Celebration of Aurangabad Times

The Largest Circulating Urdu Daily In Central Maharashtra

07 Apr 2018
Aurangabad Times One of The Oldest Urdu Daily Newspaper In Maharashtra Today 50th Anniversary Of Newspaper Held In AamKhas Maidan Near Tawn Hall Aurangabad. Where Renowned Political Leader Were Present To Celebrate This Golden Jubilee. Gulam Nabi Azad Presently he Served as opposition leader in Rajya sabha And Congress State President Ashokrao Chavan, Abu Asim, Fauzia Khan, Imtiaz Jaleel, Sanjay Sirsat, Atul Save, Chandrakant Khaire, And Editor Of Lokmat Group Congratulate The Editor Of Aurangabad Times Shoeb Khusru. Rajendara Darda Said that It's not easy for you to stay in print media for 50 years and when you have Urdu News Paper But Shoeb Khusru Sahab did not give up And after that much Hard work, He Achieved Success . Abu Asim said Urdu language had been a major role in freedom. But today we are dividing languages on the basis of religion he Also Quote Shankarrao chavan who was twice chief minister of …

Kyoto Protocol to Paris Agreement What We Achieved

The Kyoto Protocol is a universal assention connected to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which commits its Parties by setting globally restricting discharge decrease targets. Under Kyoto, industrialized countries swore to cut their yearly emanations of carbon, as estimated in six ozone harming substances, by changing sums, averaging 5.2%, by 2012 when contrasted with 1990. That compares to a 29% cut in the qualities that would have generally happened. In any case, the convention didn't end up global law until more than part of the way through the 1990– 2012 period. The Paris Climate Change Summit, otherwise called COP21, occurred from November to December 2015. The arrangement joins about all the world's countries in a solitary concurrence on handling environmental change without precedent for history. The Paris Climate Change Summit is a successor to the Kyoto Protocol and the Copenhagen Conference and is at present being viewed as the most suitable r…

Indian National Science Academy

The Indian National Science Academy promotes Science and its use in india. It was initially settled in 1935 and was known as the 'National Institute of Sciences of India' until the point that the present name was received in 1970.The Governament Of India remembered it in 1945 as the head logical society speaking to all branches of science in India. In 1968, it was assigned as the following association in India to the International Council For Science (ICSU) for the Government of India. It is headquartered in New Dehli. The Indian National Science Academy (INSA) in New Dehli is the summit assemblage of Indian researchers speaking to all branches of science and innovation. Target Of Indian National Science Academy (INSA) Advancement of logical information in India including its useful application to issues of national welfare. To act through legitimately constituted National Committees, in which other scholarly institutes and social orders might be related, for undertaking logical w…

Democracy In India

The second most Crowded country and the seventh Prime country by area, India is the Largest democracy in the world. Indian democratic government was formed after the nation secured independence in 1947. The parliamentary and state assembly elections are held every 5 years to appoint the Central and state governments.Democracy is a system of government that allows the citizens to cast vote and appoint a government of their choice. India became a democratic state after its independence from the British rule in 1947. It is the largest democratic nation in the world. Democracy in India gives its citizens the right to vote irrespective of their caste, color, creed, religion and gender. It has five democratic principles – sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and republic. Democracy in India works on five democratic principles. These are: 1.Sovereign: This means free from the interference or control of any foreign power. 2.Socialist: This means providing social and economic equality to all …

Justice Loya Case And Its Impact

Justic loya (Brijgopal Harkishan Loya) served in a court in the CBI, Died of cardiac attack on 1 December 2014 in Nagpur. He was working on the famous Soharabuddin case. It all started with the from the caravan magazine’s report published on Nov 20, 2017. The report raised the questions about circumstances of the justice loya’s death. Justice Loya called to his wife on Nov 30, 2017 for the last time. On Dec 1st morning his sister received a call informing her that justice loya died due to heart attack and his body has to be taken to Latur for the post mortem. According to the colleagues who were with him “We were staying in Ravi Bhavan Nagpur and Justice Loya started feeling severe chest pain due to which we have taken him to Dande hospital in Nagpur in Auto and then doctor’s from dande hospital referred him to Meditrina hospital Nagpur.”When they reached the Meditrina hospital doctors declared justice loya as “brought dead”. Now lets go through the points raised by caravan magazine which…


Defamation is an injury to the reputation of a person. Rightly, law gives protection to man’s reputation as it gives protection to his life and property. “Defamation” has been recognised as a civil wrong in the Law of Torts. “Defamation” has been recognised as a criminal wrong in the Law of Crimes. The tort of defamation is to protect the individual’s reputation and not allow others to pose statements which can either directly or indirectly affect the individual’s reputation in the society. Individuals as well as a company can bring about an action against defamation in the courts. The tort of defamation can be in two separate forms of torts, one is libel which is most permanent and is actionable per se ( is presumed) without proving damages defamatory words that are written or published in writing are mostly libel, printed materials and signs can also be libel because of them being in more permanent form The tort of defamation has elements which have to be proved by the claimant, weath…

Maldives and Indian relationship

Maldives is found south of India's Lakshadweep Islands in the Indian Ocean. The two countries set up political relations after the freedom of Maldives from British control in 1966. India was one of the main countries to perceive Maldives' independence. Since at that point, India and Maldives have grown close key, military, monetary and social relations. India has upheld Maldives' strategy of keeping territorial issues and battles from itself, and the last has seen fellowship with India as a wellspring of help and additionally an offset to Sri Lanka, which is in vicinity to the island country and its biggest exchanging accomplice. A political crisis has arised in Maldives after President Abdulla Yameen decided to disobey the Supreme Court order to release 9 political prisoners. On February 5, 2018 he has declared the state of emergency and ordered the arrest of two Supreme Court judges. Former President Mohammad Nasheed said that Yameen does not have enough support from the…

Do we Need Censorship

Censorship is not needed because information that is blocked online can easily be found somewhere else if someone really wanted to find it and censoring information restricts what people are allowed to express and their individual thought in general. Kids on the internet lie about their age all the time to get the blocked content. If even children are smart enough to get access to blocked material who is to say adults can't do the same thing for even worse purposes If we hold to ethical principles, such as truth and justice, we can encourage or demand censorship as needed. For example, we should encourage ordinary citizens to participate in democracy, but ban unlimited political contributions by corporations. We should encourage the release of classified information that reveals government abuses, but ban lawmakers from becoming lobbyists once they leave office. If you want to change the levels of censorship in our society—in other words, to benefit society by loosening or tightenin…

History For What

One reason I think history is Necessary is only that it is extraordinary fun and some of the time extremely Refreshing. It resembles being a period criminologist, chasing through the records and the archaeological antiquities, searching for signs that may help develop a photo of what happened long back. How can we understand genius or there technical innovation or role that beliefs play shaping society if we don’t know anything so what is use of past? There are some scientist those formulate laws or theories about human life and human behavior but that is also depend on historical information like mass election military alliances cannot be set up at experiment our past information must impact to serve and solve the issue. Why we cannot stay away from history if offer the most importance evidences base for analysis of how society function and people need to have some kind of sense of how societies function and simply to run their own lives this is history helps us to understand changes…

Human Evolution From Monkeys?

Human evolution is the Long Technique of change by which people originated from apelike ancestors. Scientific Clue shows that the physical and behavioral traits shared by all people originated from apelike ancestors and evolved over a period of approximately six million years. Human Evolution is the process through which the human beings developed on the Earth from the now-extinct primates. Human Evolution is considered to be one of the most lengthy process of change by which people were originated from the ape like ancestors starting nearly about 5-6 million years ago.But the primary resource for detailing the path of the human evolution is always be the fossil specimens. The human fossils always enables the researchers and to study the changes that occurred in the human brain and body size and the other features of the human species tells us that the human life came into existence over the long past 6million years ago. The Qur’an clearly states that Adam was created by Allah, and with…

Aurangabad Towards Smart City

Aurangabad Towards Smart City 100 Smart Cities Mission" was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 June 2015. What is smart city to promote cities that provide core infrasturcre and give a decent quality of life to its citizen a clean and sustainable environment and better public transportation system. Aurangabad City Is a part of that Smart Cities missions the Historical and tourism capital of Maharashtra. As per the central government's instruction, the cities with smart solutions on 21 different areas including e-governance and citizen services, along with waste, water, energy and urban management among other similar fields were shortlisted for the Project. There are some cities include Mumbai, Amravati, Solapur , Pune, Nagpur the centre has sent Rs 48,000 crore for the development of 100 smart cities The municipal corporation, along with other selected civic bodies, would get Rs 2 crore each to prepare for the smart city project. In the first year, the government has…

Agrarian Crises

A farm crisis describes times of agricultural recession, low crop prices and low farm incomes.
Agriculture has become a complex sector in India. It is facing crises at multiple levels, which will exacerbate the food quality, and security crisis, the environmental crisis and the farm crisis being faced by us.
In addition, the agrarian sector in India is also often at the root of numerous other socio-economic crises the country has seen. The most prominent examples are the struggle over the Land Acquisition Act, the uprisings by caste-based communities dependent on the stagnating agricultural sector, such as the Jat agitation in Haryana and the Maratha agitation in Maharashtra. The Dalit agitation is also assuming economic proportions, as the causes of unrest  among Dalits are increasingly being linked to their deprivation of their land titles.
Farms profiles in India Marginal land below one hectares ( 62%) Small land between one and two hectares (19%) Semi medium land between 2 and 4 hecta…

Students Of Journalism Visited to Radio Station

20th Feb 2018 Mgm College Of Journalism And Mass Communication 2nd Semester Students Visited To Radio Station 94.3 MY FM 'Jio Dil Se' Radio Station Is Located Near Varad Hospital Dargah Road. That Was Academic Visit From College Of Journalism. Students Visited In Headquarter of MY FM When  Entered in Office conference hall and we Have meet with RJ Shreyas a mind-blowing person he was Telling importance and Feature of radio after He showed Studio And Which Software used in radio Station Also Giving Information About That Students Had Good Interaction with RJ shreyas He Said "Maintain Your Facebook Instagram Account Because Its Matter More In Your Life. Student enjoyed the Session of Interaction some of them asked questions related to Radio.

Plastic Free World

Plastics are used because they are easy and cheap to make and they can last a long time. Unfortunately these same useful qualities can make plastic a huge pollution problem. The cheapness means plastic gets discarded easily and its long life means it survives in the environment for long periods where it can do great harm. Because plastic does not decompose, and requires high energy ultraviolet light to break down, the amount of plastic waste in our oceans is steadily increasing. A disposed of plastic container can stay in a land fill for many years, so simply consider the large number of plastic jugs we dispose of consistently. Bangalore alone produces approximately 40 tons of plastic waste every day, so is the city set out toward ecological calamity? According to the Center for Marine Conservation, over 25,000 pieces of fishing line were collected from U.S. beaches during the 1996 annual beach clean-up and at least 40% of all animal jumble reported during the clean-ups involved fishing…

Lokmat Times Food Festival

Mega Event offer over 300 dishes  16 January 2018 In a great treat for food lovers, Lokmat times will organizes a Food Festival in Aurangabad from January 19 to 21 Highlighting over 300 elegant vegetarian dishes and food items. To be Introduce at Manor Hotel, Station Road Kranti Chowk, Citizen can visit the mega festival from 5 pm to 11 pm and Enjoy the their most favorite food from across the India.                                                                                              Master chefs from various cities of India like Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Malegaonhave been specially invited to present their best recipes.The festival will also prove to be a great shopping opportunity as it will feature stall of dresses, shoes and etc. Children can enjoy themselves playing several of games.So be Ready enjoyment in the elegant food of your best and visit the festival.

Another Cuisine of Aurangabad

Enough quality of Rice and Meat in Cheap Rate
30 Dec 2017 In Aurangabad after biryani, Naan Qalia And Kebabs, People are crazy for tahari as it taste good with enough quality initially Tahari Started as vegetarian rice dish with several vegetables and some spices which was called as ‘Tahari Pulao’ .  Further it evolved in place of vegetables in various styles with 1 or 2 Kind of meat involved in place of vegetables. The place which is Famous for tahari Known as S.N.T tahari House near Roshan Gate. Some People will find that place little bit shady but that place is worth going in group or with friends even though there are many places in Aurangabad where you Can find quality of tahari but S.N.T tahari House has Good Management. Usually tahari comprises of basic ingredients like Oil, Cumin seeds, turmeric, Kastoori methi, onions, ginger-garlic paste salt etc.This is How tahari is Prepared in Aurangabad.

Oldest Elegance Food of Aurangabad

Naan Qalia is a dish that originated from Aurangabad
26 Dec 2017 every city has a Remarkable dish that is selective to it and on account of Aurangabad, the top Non-Veg dish that lone the city can call its own particular is Naan Qalia. Naan Qalia Is Considered as the oldest food elegance of Aurangabad which comes from age of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, Owner of  Naan Shop Said “ Naan Qalia is special dish which comes under their comfort list.                                                                                                     Naan is bread which is baked in Tandoor and it is brushed with turmeric solution which gives this its famous Golden color. Naan Qalia It is common at every Muslim wedding to serve this dish in Aurangabad.

India Under-19 Cricket Team Entered In World Cup Final

30 Jan 2018 Shubham Gill's stunning stand and Ishan Porel's strong bowling, India defeated its traditional rival Pakistan by 203 runs while entering the Under-19 World Cup final. India will compete with Australia on February 3 in the final. In the first innings, India scored 272 runs in 50 overs with Gill's 102 runs. In reply, Pakistan's batsman made just 69 runs. Porel took 4 wickets. India will come back for the fourth time. President of  BCCI C.K Khanna congratulated Rahul Dravid's young cricket team, and said that the Indian board would surprise those players with cash prize. He said that I would like Rahul Dravid's team to congratulate them for their performance.

Exhibition on Wheel

Languages do not Have Any Religion