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India Under-19 Cricket Team Entered In World Cup Final

30 Jan 2018 Shubham Gill's stunning stand and Ishan Porel's strong bowling, India defeated its traditional rival Pakistan by 203 runs while entering the Under-19 World Cup final. India will compete with Australia on February 3 in the final. In the first innings, India scored 272 runs in 50 overs with Gill's 102 runs. In reply, Pakistan's batsman made just 69 runs. Porel took 4 wickets. India will come back for the fourth time. President of  BCCI C.K Khanna congratulated Rahul Dravid's young cricket team, and said that the Indian board would surprise those players with cash prize. He said that I would like Rahul Dravid's team to congratulate them for their performance.

Exhibition on Wheel

Languages do not Have Any Religion

Growth Of Marathi Cinema

20 Jan 2018 A Seminar On Marathi Cinema Was Conducted At Aurangabad International Film Festival (AIFF) On Saturday Where Skillful Filmmaker Discussed The Scope Of Growth In Marathi Cinema. On The 5th Edition Of AIFF Is Being Organized By MGM, Nath Group And Yashantrao Pratishthan, Mumbai At Inox Theatre in Prozone Mall. On The Third Day of The Film Festivall, Filmmakers Sunil Suthankar, Sumitra Bhave, Chandraknat Kulkarni, Manoj Kadam, Sandeep Sawant And Ashok Rane Presented Their Views In Seminar. Sumitra Bhave Said that if Film gets Global Praise, People Should go and watch the Movie. Chandrakant Kulkarni Felt that Cost On the promotion of a film Exceeds the budget which is discouraging today’s Filmmakers.

Section 377 Of The Indian Constitution

The Constitution of India is the highest Authority in the country. Adopted on 26th November 1949 and the Constitution Came To effect on 26th January 1950. The Constitution Lays down the Format of the Country, the procedure, the Assumption, the Fundamental Rights and Duties Of the Voter Along With the duties of the government institutions. The Constitution of India is the lengthiest written Constitution in the world it Declares India as a sovereign, secular, democratic, republic. While drafting the constitution the producer drew their motivation from various sources keeping in mind the needs and conditions of the country.                     One Such Clause is Section 377 Of Indian Penal Code that Criminalizes any form of homosexual acts. Homosexual is term derived from the Greek work homos, which means The Same Homosexuality means sex drive oriented towards personal and sexual Enjoyment with same sex. This was introduced in 1860 during British rule in India This section Held that forms …