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Plastic Free World

Plastics are used because they are easy and cheap to make and they can last a long time. Unfortunately these same useful qualities can make plastic a huge pollution problem. The cheapness means plastic gets discarded easily and its long life means it survives in the environment for long periods where it can do great harm.
Because plastic does not decompose, and requires high energy ultraviolet light to break down, the amount of plastic waste in our oceans is steadily increasing.
A disposed of plastic container can stay in a land fill for many years, so simply consider the large number of plastic jugs we dispose of consistently. Bangalore alone produces approximately 40 tons of plastic waste every day, so is the city set out toward ecological calamity?
According to the Center for Marine Conservation, over 25,000 pieces of fishing line were collected from U.S. beaches during the 1996 annual beach clean-up and at least 40% of all animal jumble reported during the clean-ups involved fishing line.
Plastic thrown on land can enter the drainage lines and choke them appear into floods in local areas in cities as was experienced in Mumbai, India in 1998. It was claimed in one of the projects on TV channel that eating plastic bags results in death of 100 cattle per day in U.P. in India.

Way to Reduce Plastic Waste.

Shop your local farmers market.
Farmers markets are a awesome method to buy fresh, local produce without plastic, as long as you remember to bring your own bags. Normally, the fruits and vegetables at farmers markets don’t even have those little plastic stickers on them. And for small fruits like berries and cherry tomatoes, use your own container or bag and hand the vendor’s plastic container back to reuse.

Carry reusable shopping bags.
Carry whatever works for you. Few people like reusable canvas totes. Others like to put their purchases into a backpack or messenger bag. Do you often forget your reusable bags? Chico Bags are a great emergency alternative. While they are Produce using synthetic materials, they pack into their 
own attached stuff sack, which makes them very convenient and likely to be used.

World can stop producing plastic when world stops using plastic.
It also depends on what you actually mean by plastic do you think of polymer when you think of plastic.
Because all polymers are not plastic. If you do think of polymer than yes we can.
Again question arises why you want world to stop producing plastic. Most probably reason could be pollution. If it is pollution than we are continuously trying to make a better biodegradable plastic but still not a proper solution.


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