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Justice Loya Case And Its Impact

Justic loya (Brijgopal Harkishan Loya) served in a court in the CBI, Died of cardiac attack on 1 December 2014 in Nagpur. He was working on the famous Soharabuddin case.
It all started with the from the caravan magazine’s report published on Nov 20, 2017. The report raised the questions about circumstances of the justice loya’s death.
Justice Loya called to his wife on Nov 30, 2017 for the last time. On Dec 1st morning his sister received a call informing her that justice loya died due to heart attack and his body has to be taken to Latur for the post mortem.
According to the colleagues who were with him “We were staying in Ravi Bhavan Nagpur and Justice Loya started feeling severe chest pain due to which we have taken him to Dande hospital in Nagpur in Auto and then doctor’s from dande hospital referred him to Meditrina hospital Nagpur.”    When they reached the Meditrina hospital doctors declared justice loya as “brought dead”.
Now lets go through the points raised by caravan magazine which indicates towards some doubt about the justice loya’s sudden death. Also In the bold letter you can find out how Indian express discredit some of the points raise by the indian express. 
Judge Rathi who was with Justice loya stated that ECG machine at Dande hospital was not working and due to some facilities not available there doctors asked us to take justice loya to Meditrina hospital.                            
The judge who replaced Loya dismissed the case within 15 days. There are also certain issues of corruption in courts. If the judiciary does not recognize public betterment then it will not be able to survive. Article 142 gives the right to judges to do whatever to secure justice. But it is being misused these days. Therefore, by observing these issues and unaccountability of judiciary, people are losing faith in the judicial system.


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