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Incomplete Sheds trying to get Complete

Aurangabad 10/19/2018
Thousands Of Sheds Near Cambridge School, Zhalta Phata Aurangabad Commonly Called As Chota Dharavi. The Slum Area Which Consist around 400 Families and Most of Them Are Jobless and They are Belongs to Different Castes and Religions. Earlier Some Of Them Used To Live Under The Flyovers Of The City. They Are Excepting Plots From The Government For Making Their Own Houses. In Current Situation they captured The Plots without Permission of Government and Made Sheds Which Is Totally Illegal but They Aren’t Ready to Leave That Place. According to Tejrao Sapkal the Local Citizen of That Area He Said “Shelter Is Basic Need for Everyone We Are Trying to Managed Our Food and Cloths but without Shelter Where We Can Survived for 2 Years I have been Living Here but Still We have to Walk 2 KM For Water, Women’s Bring This Water By Crossing Roads This Road Is One Of the Busy Road In The City and Women Safety Is also One Of The Factor, Government Should Thing About us and Brings Wa…

Bulk of Garbage in the Dividers

11/09/2018 Aurangabad
The City Which Is Famous for His History and Fastest Growing City in the World Know as Aurangabad, For Last 6 Months Garbage Issue Is also contributing For the Popularity of the City. Aurangabad Produce 430 Metric tons Of Garbage Daily Earlier Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Dumped the City Garbage in Naregaon Area but Now it Is Highly Populated Area and They Were not allowing the It. Because Garbage Pollution Was the Main Reason, They Were Suffering From Various Bacterial Diseases. Gastrointestinal, Stomach Pain, Vomiting & Diarrhea Etc. Now The Roads Divider’s Came in Light Basically Divider Divide the Road in Two Equal Parts but Citizens Are Throwing or Dumping Garbage on Divider Azad Chowk to Ram Mandir Road Divider Half Filled with Garbage and Dogs and Goat Finding Food in This Garbage and Unfortunately there Are Eating Something Which Is Harmful For Their Body. Mr. G.L Deshmukh Veterinary Doctor Said ‘ Garbage Pollution Is Harmful For Human Being as Well a…